My to do List

Funny, I never posted my 2012 checklist. 😀 Maybe it was because I was too busy? Or preoccupied with my body healing, going back to school and have internal meltdowns. I don’t what it is with the New Year, but a lot of people’s hopes are renewed that they, as the year changes, can change. … More My to do List

Dear 2012

2012 has begun and so has my planning. I love lists, and being OC with it is such a pain sometimes. I plan to make 2012 as productive as possible so instead of listing resolutions I listed the things that I want to happen this year. 1. Organize Photos I have a ton of photos, … More Dear 2012

Ten of 2011

We must not say every mistake is a foolish one.     Cicero   We learn from our mistakes it is true, but not everything that happens in our life is all that bad, looking back and being thankful for the year is something that I always do. So my dear 2011, as we came to a … More Ten of 2011