Under the Blade

I have not written for weeks because of my health. I have not been thinking straight and I was high on medication. It all started one cold evening 3 weeks ago, I started experiencing abdominal pains and I asked my brother to come home from work to bring me to the hospital, the doctors said … More Under the Blade

Ten of 2011

We must not say every mistake is a foolish one.     Cicero   We learn from our mistakes it is true, but not everything that happens in our life is all that bad, looking back and being thankful for the year is something that I always do. So my dear 2011, as we came to a … More Ten of 2011

Him 12.25.2011

I am yet to see him today, though today is our 2nd year! (hep hep hooray!) It is also Christmas day but honestly my brother and I just slept it out, I cooked pasta and Lamb steak, and deserts and salads, but mostly will be stocked for the coming new years celebration. Today is a … More Him 12.25.2011