The next 12 days

A conference, business stuff, fieldwork, and time for loved one’s. It’s going to be a crazy 2 weeks. Gulliver and Frankencowie will be two happy babies. October 24 – a 4:40am flight to Tacloban, start of the PAMS conference and Poster presentation. 25 – Whole day PAMS conference in Tacloban 26 – Back to manila … More The next 12 days

Field Schedule

This weekends fieldwork is so packed with activities, our class will be: Collecting samples from the Bolinao falls and Brgy Tiep ZigZag Road Visiting Tambac Island, Cabarruyan Island and other localities along the road. Getting water and surface samples for analysis is the Bolinao Channel, near fish pens, West of Santiago Island, Silaqui Island and … More Field Schedule