2013 has definitely gone by swiftly, from having a job, then resigning, my ongoing studies, a business, Edward being hospitalized, going abroad. A lot of things has happened in my 2013 and I can say that it has truly been an stressful-funfilled-amazing year! I know I am a bit behind on my postings but I … More 2013.

2012 :D

Another year has passed, a lot of things have happened, but I felt that there is something lacking. Maybe it is because I have not traveled as much as I did in the past two years, but when it comes to personal growth, there was definitely a handful in that department. I have changed in … More 2012 😀

Ten of 2011

We must not say every mistake is a foolish one.     Cicero   We learn from our mistakes it is true, but not everything that happens in our life is all that bad, looking back and being thankful for the year is something that I always do. So my dear 2011, as we came to a … More Ten of 2011