Every night I lie in bed and contemplate on the things that I want to do. With so much or so little that is going on, my life has become a drag and I have no interest in participating in my indecisive and pitiful day to day life. I want to be able to take … More Do

Taking it Easy

If not now, when? Hillel the Elder I noticed that as the months pass by I have become so uptight and has not been enjoying life as much as I could, maybe its because of this independence and growing up early thing that made me as stressed with life as I am now. I feel … More Taking it Easy

Dear 2012

2012 has begun and so has my planning. I love lists, and being OC with it is such a pain sometimes. I plan to make 2012 as productive as possible so instead of listing resolutions I listed the things that I want to happen this year. 1. Organize Photos I have a ton of photos, … More Dear 2012

A few more days

I am the type of person who thinks of things long and hard, I love planning and listing and making the ideas into reality. I find myself wanting to do a ton of things until my body collapses and I end up sleeping instead of accomplishing anything but this time I am determined more than … More A few more days