Race to 100

Before I die I want to: (26/100)

Be able to name 3 constellations
Lie on the grass and watch the clouds
Have a good camera
Run the Milo run
Go to Boracay
Ride a boat in the Palawan Underground River
Go to Sagada
Bungee Jump
Shoot a 365
Go to a Desert
Own a house
Ride the London Eye
Have an iPhone
Have a 26 waistline
Have a Nude/Semi-nude photo shoot
Get a Pierce
Swim with the dolphins/whale shark
Ride a bike
Learn to drive
Have a beautiful wedding
Have Children
Have Grandchildren
Be a wedding planner
Do yoga
Master a sport
Visit another country
See the Great Wall of China
Fall in love
Watch all Academy Award best picture
Listen to 100 albums
Read 52 books in a year
Try bikini waxing
Have a life sized stuff toy
Attend a local fiesta
Have an organized Photo filing system
Host a charitable event
Make a quilt
Learn to sew
Make a shell curtain/display
Have a room with a bathroom
Walk in closet
Have 10 BDJs
Get a Passport
Go on a vacation with mom
Go on a vacation with dad
Have an underwater camera
Complete the Rampling series
See 7 of the 7 wonders (old and new)
Be featured on the WP page
Have all 7 HP books in Hardcover
Have an MA degree
Learn an Instrument
Go on a cruise with him
Learn how to do own makeup
Visit the Chocolate hills
See my 2 brothers in the US
Make a family tree
Know Relatives from my Grandfather’s side
Have a million pings on my blog
Have a photo exhibit
Be published
Own a chowchow
Be debt free
Finish Patapon 1 and 2
Dance 1 song in Dance Dance Revolution
Sing to a Crowd
Find out that song
Go to Disney and hug Mickey
Have a Laptop
Spend a day at the beach alone
Watch the sunrise
Go to the beach with the KH kids
Be surprised on my birthday
Buy a black coach bag
Bake a cake
Make a book about him and me
Have a diamond set
Learn to swim
Make a snow angel
Have a pair of RayBan
Scuba Dive
Ride an old fashioned train
See the pyramids
See the Parthenon
Climb the tallest building on earth
Ride a killer coaster
Make love on the beach
Learn a third language
Visit all the UNESCO world heritage sites in the Philippines
Be famous at my own right
Have a big tree for Christmas at my home
Pass on a family heirloom
Take cowie around the world
Have straight teeth
Travel with only money on hand
Go to an aquarium
Have a million (php)
Finish a 2000pc puzzle
Have a 365 in Polaroid


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