The perfect photo: Beach, Photography and Rocks!

Hi! I’m Yann! Welcome to my little space on earth.

A Filipina who loves to take photos, rocks and stuffed cows. I travel and I try to write about it and my life to keep an online journal to share with my family and friends. I also want to somehow inspire and help those who would like to see the places I have seen. I always travel with my favorite cows Gulliver and his brother Zorolliver.

Flying over the island of Palawan I realized that life is short and the world is big! I always loved to travel and I mostly do it on a budget, and I vowed to myself that one day no matter how old I am I will travel the world. My plans of seeing the world was put aside as I decided to go to back to school trying to get a Geology Masters degree in the University of the Philippines in 2012. Doing this changed me, since then I was able to see a lot of places in the Philippines that are not touristic at all. I was exposed to hardcore science, educated in a totally different travel style than what I was used to (backpacking for weeks and sleeping bag in tow, no electricity and trekking and mapping kilometers of land). I knew what it was like to rough it out (traversing unchartered terrains, seeing waterfalls that no one else but locals have seen, seeing the earth differently as if wearing a new lens, picking up and collecting rock samples and discovering the history of the earth by studying them). Learning and having a different perspective of our planet earth filled me with more passion to go out there and see and document as many places as I can (so please forgive me if I have scientific posts here as well).

With my Philippine passport Visas can be a bit of challenge but I will try to visit as much countries as I can (if not all). I want to visit as much UNESCO world heritage sites (cause I’m a romantic) and hopefully throw in a few GSSP (Global Stratotype Section and Point) Golden Spikes (because I’m a nerd).

Hopefully you will enjoy your time here. Do not hesitate to drop me a line if you have any questions or if you want to work with me or sponsor my trips (that would be very nice! :D)

Thank you for joining me as I live my dream and tick my (ever growing) bucket list one by one.

*all contents are property of Yann Rosario, unless otherwise noted, please ask permission before using work, proper credits are very much appreciated. For suggestions feedback and permission to use content please feel free to contact me: yannonearth[at]gmail[dot]com*


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