Make a wish.

That is what i would always say. 

40 days till a life changing event happens! I’m trying to cut loose ends and I am doing my best to get back in shape.

I have done a horrible job in keeping my life intact for the past few months. I have distanced myself from my friends and I kept myself hidden from all the people that care about me.

I became vocal about my depression to my close friends and family. I don’t know if they took me seriously, but I do know I have hurt quite a few number of people in the weeks that I was hurting.

Happiness is a choice. My friend told me. I know the things that would make me happy. I just needed to let go of the things that do not.

A strong girl crumbles as she longs for the love she thinks she deserves. I just wanted someone to take care of me for a change. But it took a while for him to realize this. In 40 days my life will change. I wouldn’t know if this will be for the better but I k ow that I am already coming to terms with the things I need to do in my life. Whatever happens after 40 days is another adventure and I cant wait to see if the road will lead me to the left or to the right.


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