Plan one

Someone asked me before, why do you keep a blog? What is it really for? .

I am keeping a blog because: I really wanted to share my travel stories with friends – but since I got my operation I was not allowed to do any strenuous activities and then I entered graduate school, I was able to go on field works but I’d be so tired after them (then I’d have to do laboratory work etc.) and unmotivated to write so I ended up not doing anything. Another reason why I kept my blog is my own personal use (keeping memories etc.). I didn’t care about using any SEO or being known for doing this (though in my bucket list one item is: be on the feature page of wordpress LOL). I just wanted an outlet to write. Maybe get to know some other people and gain new friends.

But then I realized I have been doing this for so long, and its always been an on-again-off-again thing. I want to be able to do this and continue doing this. Some people think it is easy, just type up some words, post it online and viola! you have a blog. They don;t realize that generating ideas on what to post and the time it consumes is really hard work! To have a great blog one must be dedicated! I don’t want to blog nonsense (though yes I am often guilty of being nonsensical–reminder to self: purge!) I want to be relevant, reach people, help them. With what? Maybe jewelry making? photography? traveling on weekends on a budget? All of these things? I’ll figure it out, and I hope to figure it out soon. 😀

So plan 1: start using a blog planner to help me generate ideas and remind me to keep doing it. I was able to download one through this awesome site called A well crafted party, and I saw a lot of things I can do and things I can work on for my site. Having a dedicated planner for my blog will also help me track things and generate new and helpful ideas to share.

I hope that my blog (and journaling) inspirations will motivate me to do this religiously.




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