2014 Review

I find it unbelievable that I was only able to publish 5 posts last year (2014). But a part of me is not surprised, because I haven’t been myself for the greater part of the year.

For 2014’s top 10, It is more specific to some people than the previous years. I wanted to highlight the people who had created a big impact in my life this year. So here goes:

10. My last 2 weddings of 2014.

I am pleased to have worked with Iya, Nikka and Erika. They inspire me to do better and to strive harder for the future. They have helped me to trust in my abilities again. We have only been able to know each other the latter part of 2014 but I am so grateful for their presence in my life. Emmy one of my brides have taught me a special lesson as well, she made me realize some points of my life and helped me live it better, so as much as her wedding was her event it was really close to my heart too. For Jaquie as well, her wedding was a great experience, I was able to test my boundaries and have realized my limitations. I thank these ladies for being part of my 2014.

9. INA15 planning

The planning stages of INA15 has taught me a lot this year. I have realized that I am capable to do big things. It was a big learning curve for me as this was the first international conference I am organizing, it has been frustrating, nerve wracking but definitely fun!

8. Bellas

Funny enough me and the girls were talking, we realized that we were never a group back in highschool, though we were friends separately, we were never one barkada as we call it. Our group formed after college, we were all perhaps longing to connect to that childhood that we all shared. It is such a unique group, Gina, Calay, Chesca, Jonah and their significant others connects me to the past. We have formed a new set of traditions and we hopefully will continue to be friends till we get old.

7. Family

I always include my family in my yearly list, they are family after all! Being able to spend a couple fo days with my mom and relatives from cebu thie year was great! we went to Plantation bay and to Boracay. As for my dad’s family, we were able to continue our Christmas tradition of spending Christmas eve and day together as a family. Being able to bond with tita Remy and her family was a treat as well.

6. Kalayaan College family

Honey, Anya, Elai, Kharlo and all the rest of my friends in KC help keep me grounded. They help me in different ways, and I love them for it. We did not have any specific great moments this year but I am always able to rely on then in times of need. I am always able to share with their happiness.

5. Jen

This year was difficult for jen and I, the first part of the year she had a hard time, the second part of the year it was mine. She is my lifeline, I know I am able to count on her if I feel like slitting my throat. She will be the one to stop me and give me a tight embrace, and tell me, everything is going to be all right.

4. David

He is always there for me, even if we argue a lot because of my stubborn nature. David always pulls through for me. He is the closest family I have and I love him dearly! No one can replace

3. Doyce, Pao and Mark

All three have helped me realize a lot about myself this year. They helped me grow in many ways than they can imagine. They have helped me even without them knowing. they have kept me strong in the last few months that I have been depressed. We have spent countless sleepless nights just to be able to finish papers and school requirements. Cooked meals in rice cookers and microwave oven. I love this bunch of people.

2. Kat

My labs as I call her, sometime ago we promised to never be apart, till death do us part. It was a promise of friendship and of love. Kat is my strength for the past months and even if we didn’t see each other much she is my constant source of strength and inspiration.
1. Babe

We have gone through a lot this year. A year of loss and of gain. We are stronger because of the challenges we have experienced. I love him deeply, and I am sure he does to.

2015 will surely be exiting. I wont expect much this time, i will just go with the flow and embrace each day as it comes and treasure every moment. 😀 I will take it easy, I am sure things will fall into its right place.

till later,
Yannie ❤


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