The key is to keep trying

I have spent the last hour sorting through my posts here in this blog, I haven’t been really good in keeping it and so much has happened in my life I am not able to recall them all. I haven’t been diligent in keeping journal too, but I have been keeping tab using photos. 😀

So what’s new you may ask? A lot!

1. I gained more weight!  haha wait that isn’t new, whats new is the number showing in the scale.

2. Thesis seminar. I have started doing my thesis proposal but I am still so far behind my classmates when it comes to understanding the processes. Maybe I just need to talk about it more so that I gain more confidence

3. Back to work. I started working as an assistant to the staff at the office of the Vice-president for Academic Affairs of my University. It was an amazing opportunity so i took it, its only a part-time job and it pays only 1/4 of what I used to earn, but I am not complaining 😀

4. Friends, well not really new but, newly-closely-bonded-set-of-amazing-people. I enjoy the company of acquaintances who I now consider as close dear friends.  😀 will tell you more about them in the next days.

5. Newly found passion to do things. Thanks to TEDxDiliman. My passion for things were rekindled, I remembered why I loved blogging, why I loved expressing myself, and why I am doing what I am doing now, which is studying to be a (micro)paleontologist.

I will try to diligently update my blog as I am able to. I am hoping that I will be able to share new content and share new perspectives. 😀 Have an awesome day!

Yann ❤



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