What hinders me from writing my manuscript:

Here I am, sitting alone, in a coffee shop, sipping my caramel frappe for the last hour, I have composed 2 emails, updated with clients and listed a page of things that I need to accomplish as soon as possible.

There are 3 things on this lists that I am not able to check off. Manuscript, business plan, Exercise (school work)

Now lets look at the things I have been doing wrong:

1. I have a lot on my plate.
I am the type of person who cant seem to say no, and always get myself into the worst situations. I have to lessen my load, and I have to be more honest about everything! If only I can drink like Barney (HIMYM) and be drunk until I am totally honest about things 😀 Then maybe I can get a lot of things done and I can get a lot off my chest. Well, I’ll start to be honest now 😀

2. I think too much. I let fear get in the way
I’m scared of what people will say, they will find out that I am a lemon. (I feel that I am, therefore I am?)

3. I am not opening my books.
Ok, so I am really scared sh*t. I carry this one bag that has all my readings for the manuscript, so I can feel the weight, this way I will always remember that I need to do it! I need to edit this paper!!

4. I say later too much.
Since I am preoccupied with useless things I say Later, I will sit down and edit this paper later, then later becomes tomorrow, than tomorrow becomes tomorrow, and tomorrow never ends.

I buried myself in this deep hole that I am in, I have to climb back up, somehow.

I have printed the written manuscript, and the data that I presented in Malaysia. I just need to edit the thing.
I also bring all my resources with me all the time, so that I don’t forget.
I have collated all the articles for my references.

I have written this blog and I am declaring it to the world! I will finish this manuscript.

Till later,


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