The next 12 days

A conference, business stuff, fieldwork, and time for loved one’s. It’s going to be a crazy 2 weeks. Gulliver and Frankencowie will be two happy babies.


24 – a 4:40am flight to Tacloban, start of the PAMS conference and Poster presentation.

25 – Whole day PAMS conference in Tacloban

26 – Back to manila for a wedding from 9am – 7pm then boyfriends birthday (maybe a dinner?).

27 – early flight back to tacloban and will be on a one-woman road trip to Biri Island to meet up with the group

28 – Biri Island Fieldwork

Taken last September 2013 on my way to Washington 😀

29 – land travel back to tacloban and flight to manila.

30 – sleep for half the day (laundry, chores, etc.) then event coverage at Torre Venezia

31 – planned flight to Cebu to visit family and my nephew Chub’s birthday party


1 – Cebu day

2 – Cebu day

3 – Cebu day

4 – Flight back to manila – Enrollment for the second semester

I’m just making up for all the lost time that I was not able to travel HAHA!

If I don’t reply to your messages, I am very sorry! 😀








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