My RTW Dream

If you are Filipino and you hear RTW the first thing that will come to mind is clothes. RTW locally is known for the term ready-to-wear. But no! this is not the RTW that I am talking about. I am talking about traveling round-the-world.

This is the first time I am sharing my dream to the world so please do not laugh at me.

Since I started traveling in various places for the past few years, I have always dreamed about continuously traveling the whole world. Maybe for a year or more. But between school, having no work and dreaming of getting settled with the love of my life. Traveling around the world seems like a dream that will remain a dream.

My Plan:

I have been to most touristy places in the Philippines but I haven’t been to all, since we must always love our own, I plan to start my trip by backpacking the Philippine islands before I leave the country. I can probably start in Batanes and down south then end in Cebu to say farewell to my mom and start my Asian tour.

There are a couple of countries that I have been in Asia but I want to visit them again, I want to be able to do the things I was not able to do there, I want to have a more “local” take on things.

I want to start from Indonesia – Singapore – Malaysia – Thailand – Cambodia – Vietnam and Laos.

Macau – Hong Kong then I want to see the great wall of China.

Travel by land to Tibet maybe see Bhutan and Nepal.

Do yoga in India, travel to Israel then take a bus to see Egypt.

Then I would love to travel to as many countries in Europe as possible. But this would mean I would need a Visa and a more detailed plan as to how I am going to tackle Europe. But I am a dreamer (and a great planner) so I see no problem in doing so.

Then I want to spend as much time as I can in Morocco. This is one of the countries I will make sure to visit even if I am not able to do my RTW.

Traveling in South America will not pose a problem since I am exempted from Visas in most of the countries there. North America will be a breeze as well since I have a 10-year multiple entry Visa to the USA.

What I want to see:

UNESCO world heritage sites – of course I would love to see these places and say that I’ve been there.

GSSP – Global Boundary Stratotype Section and Point.
These are places where stratigraphers have agreed upon the boundary between certain ages in the Geologic Time Scale. This was all greek to me till my professor in graduate school had discussed GSSPs in class.

Geologic Monuments – Being a geologist at heart (not in profession, no I am not a licensed geologist) I want to be able to see the wonders of the earth with my own 2 eyes.

I do not know how I am able to make this dream into a reality, but in one way or another I will do my best to make this happen.


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