Quick Break

Spent the whole day in front of my laptop, updating with my business partner Shai, doing my presentation data and various stuff. I’ve been analyzing my data since yesterday after my goddaughter’s party but I feel that everything is still lacking. All of my friends said to me yesterday “get some rest” “do you still sleep?” and all that various comments because they see me online 24 hours a day everyday. They are shocked when at every hour, I can answer their private messages, because yes I am still up. I do sleep you guys! It’s just not obvious, because even in my sleeping moments I still seem busy (if that is even possible.

Well. I just wanted to have a quick break and write about my day. 5 more days till my trip to Virginia, DC, NYC and SFO. My family members in the US had been so accommodating, I’ll be with my brother in DC, with my friends in NYC and I will spend the rest of the trip with my mom’s part of the family which is quite exciting because I love meeting new people, especially relatives. I will also spend a day with my boyfriends family in California 😀

I think (but not hope) that this will be my last post before I leave for the US. It seems like the hours of the day is too short but we just need to make the most out of it. I still have a gazillion things to do before we go, so tata for now.



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