Day 10

Today was the most productive day, Fitness-wise. I went to Yoga class and did not know what to expect. The minute I stepped into the yoga center I was perspiring. Maybe I just had that much water (fat) in me or it was just a hot room. Today I tried Bikram Yoga.

Based on other blogs that I have read on Bikram Yoga, a one 90 minute session in the hot room is equivalent to a 10K jog. One loses 700 calories from doing the bending stretching and breathing.

The reason for my joining Yoga classes is 1. I want to lose my flabs and 2. I want to be more flexible 3. I want to have inner peace (or at least be more calm and collected).

But in doing Bikram Yoga even just for one day made me feel energized for the rest of the day, I am more aware of my breathing and I feel how heavy I am with every breathe I take. After Yoga I was still able to read half a chapter of my book, attend an hour of pole class (where we did ridiculous stretchingmy splits are getting better thanks to my partner :D), write this entry and will still hit the books in a little while. I am way too pumped to go to sleep though I know I should. (muscles should be given time to heal)

My Yoga Instructor was very nice and encouraging and I really felt that she wanted us to feel the stretch and breath properly. I sat down at some parts of the session, she said it was ok as long as I am able to stay in the room for the whole 90minutes, and she told me that she wanted me to be there everyday for the next 10 days which would be very difficult given my classes and the conference which is just right around the corner.

Well, lets see what day 11 will be like. I hope I’d be game for another round of 90 minutes of Bikram Yoga.




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