Watch out September

I love some TV shows and sad to say one of my all time favorites are on their last season this year.

On September 16 Bones will start airing its 9th season and goodie I will be in Viginia to watch it (if were not to busy with all the conference stuff that is). The story is about a team of Forensic specialists working alongside the FBI to solve murder crimes. I am excited to know how Brennan will react to Booth’s retraction of his marriage proposal!

September 17 is a new day for New Girl, I watch this series just for laughs but I always thought that Jess and Nick belong together. I just hope that they’ll be in it for the long haul.

On September 23, 2 shows will be premiering and both are set in New York City (and guess where I will be??) You guessed right. I will be in NYC. 2 Broke Girls is set in Brooklyn, I want to know if their store front will open up near the restaurant they work for. Now the last show I love watching is How I Met Your Mother. They finally introduced mother in the season ender of HIMYM. I will be having dinner with my friends in McGee’s where McLaren’s was based on the series, I hope they sell yellow umbrellas there because I will surely buy one. I wonder what Ted and Mother’s their love story will be like, and how they will end the series. I am sure it will Legen – we definitely have to wait for it – dary!





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