Whenever I shop with my good friend Honey, I always go home with a smile. She’s an expert when it comes to second hand goods stores or what we call  “ukay-ukay”.

I don’t like shopping for my own clothes, often I would drag my big brother along, usually to Forever 21, so he can chose the dresses for me.

So on our last trip to Quiapo and Divisoria, I was very pleased with he items that my dear friend helped me pick.

I was able to buy a lowcut wedge boot for only PHP250 and three long sleeve tops for PHP75.

At divisoria (see previous post) I was able to buy a pair of beige flats for PHP180, 2 cyclers shorts, a set of rubber mats (for pole dancing), one cute top for a hundred pesos each, so that was a PHP300 total.

The last item that I purchased was a Filipiniana bolero (a part of a “terno”), which I will be wearing this at the conference dinner for INA.

My Filipiniana for the conference.


I spent a total of PHP 1400 for 2 pairs of shoes and 7 articles of clothing. Not bad right?


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