Divisoria day

Divisoria is a very big place where consumerism in Manila is very evident. Stalls upon stalls of clothes, toys, electronics and even fresh food. Most of the items for sale are similar to those on the other stores, price discrimination is definitely in effect.

I don’t buy clothes often, well for one thing i am definitely fashionably challenged, i wear shorts or a skirt, a simple tee and flip flops and thats it. I buy havianas every year, and I’d rather spend my money on food or gadgets than buying clothes.

This time around though I really need new clothes. I have an impending trip to the US and I’ve got nothing to wear. So Honey and i went to divisoria (so she can buy party things for my godchilds first birthday).

How to get there.

The fastest way to get there is by taking the LRT purple line, make your way to the Recto Station and exit to the East exit. Go down the 1st floor and take a jeep to Divisoria. If you are not used to the area just ask the driver to tell you where to get off. you may have to walk 500 meters to get to the first mall, use the newly constructed pedestrian over pass!

What to wear:

Wear light, casual clothes, do not wear skirts! Be ready to body slam with other shoppers. Do not wear jewelries (its only for a day!) and anything that might latch on to another person. For me the best combination of clothes would be a semi loose top and leggings (so you can get in and out of your clothes easily when you need to fit what you want to buy or just put that cute dress on top of whatever you are wearing)

What to bring:

Extra bags (for you loots), tissue and WATER.


Expect that you will be walking more than 3 hours for that great find!

Big malls now crowd the once street market, the malls are generally air conditioned, but when you hit the streets depending on the weather it is extremely warm.

People may not have manners, they will not apologize if the bump you while walking.

Watch out for guys who deliver goods to stalls, you will easily notice them as they are carrying boxes twice their size on top of their heads.

Aside from the Tutuban Mall, new shopping buildings have been constructed,  there is 999 and the trustworthy 168.



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