Day 3

Well day 3 is no different, my monthly thing came and I was writhing in pain in bed all morning so bummer, no yoga. AGAIN! I was able to go to my boyfriends place since we only get together on Mondays and I’ll see one more time before I leave for the US so we … More Day 3

Day 1 and 2

I was able to jog, but I wasn’t able to do yoga nor pole. I feel so heavy but I will do better tomorrow. Had a fun day shooting my godchild’s first birthday photos. Then had dinner with my beau and his family. I am not able to progress much, I really have to try … More Day 1 and 2

Before I begin

I’ve read somewhere that it only takes 21 days to start a habit. 21 days from today I’ll be leaving for the US to take a trip of a lifetime. Well maybe there is a bit of exaggeration but hey, not all Filipina women can say that they’ve been there. (I have a very unique … More Before I begin


Whenever I shop with my good friend Honey, I always go home with a smile. She’s an expert when it comes to second hand goods stores or what we callΒ  “ukay-ukay”. I don’t like shopping for my own clothes, often I would drag my big brother along, usually to Forever 21, so he can chose … More Loot

Divisoria day

Divisoria is a very big place where consumerism in Manila is very evident. Stalls upon stalls of clothes, toys, electronics and even fresh food. Most of the items for sale are similar to those on the other stores, price discrimination is definitely in effect. I don’t buy clothes often, well for one thing i am … More Divisoria day