Before I get there

I am so happy to get a visa for the USA, but before our trip in September, I have this feeling that tears will be shed, blood will be drawn and many sleepless nights will commence.

I am not travelling just for fun, our delegation (if you can call Doyce and I a delegation) will be participating in the 14th International Nannoplankton Association Meeting in Reston Virginia, though Doyce and I  are intending to have fun in any simple way that we can.

From now until September, our laboratory members (including me) needs to finish our individual research papers, so this includes sample preparation, microscope/SEM work, analysis, paper writing and reading. Then we need to make posters and present them in the conference.

Since we are in the middle of the semester, we also need to do some advanced work for our subjects since we will be gone for around 2 weeks, when we come back from our trip, it is already finals week.

I’m just hoping we get things done in time (without cramming) and pass all our subjects with flying colors (grade average on the line)!



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