US and me, chapter 1

Last night my friend and I were sitting in the same spot that I’m sitting now,  at this exact same time we were browsing through the web, looking for conferences and places we can visit in the US.

We were thinking of what things we were going to say to the Consulate on our interview for our Visa.

We slept at around 1am and woke up at 4am. We set off for the embassy, had breakfast by the bay, and went with the other applicants. We waited in line from around 7:45am and finished the entire process at around 10:15am. These are just estimations of course, but I clearly remember that when my friend and I were sitting in the waiting room of the US embassy main building, it was exactly 10:30.

The process is fairly easy:

  1. Make sure all your files are with you, do not disregard the photo measurement requirements (they will have you have your photo retaken at the nearest Kodak store), print your CEAC form and appointment form, and whatever document you can bring along with you.
  2. Be sure to follow the guides for the proper place to queue. listen carefully because your number may have already been called and your just dilly dallying.
  3. Always answer the question directly and with full confidence, on the 1st window you will be asked your name, purpose of visit and you will hand your 2×2 inch photo, on the second window you will be asked to state you full name and your birthday then will have your fingerprints taken.
  4. On the third window comes the biggest challenge, the consulate will ask you different things, purpose of visit, source of funding etc, but when you’re lucky they won’t even check your folder that you have so painstakingly arranged and tabbed and handled with utmost care, this is the make or break moment.
  5. You will know if your visa got declined, its when the consul gives you a blue slip and hand you your passport back, if you get the visa, they will hold on to your visa and it will be mailed to you shortly.

I almost did not make it because of some past records but my US visa got approved I am beyond ecstatic! I felt bad for the people who were not approved for visas though, especially those who have tried numerous times, this was my first application. If you want to know more about the processes or details please message me.

Now I will continue with story of what happens from now until my trip but for now, time to surf the net again and check places I can visit in the little time that I will be there.


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