Poledance craze

Has it really been 3 weeks? I feel that I have already lived 3 months. With school-pole-school-pole routine, plus living in school housing I really can’t feel the passing of time.

The process of learning the tricks in pole has been challenging for me. I am not a “fit” girl, I am not overweight but I am just round in all the wrong areas. I have not done any strenuous physical activities since my operation, so no running, no swimming, etc. The sports I like does not have running involved in it though, I like wall climbing, swimming and yoga. But since I haven’t had any practice, I have grown weak.

I decided to take pole dancing even if I don’t have the necessary upper body or core strength. I just knew that I wanted to climb the pole and do stunts.

My only goal was to bring my weight down to what I was used to, but I have come to love pole dancing even if it hurts! So far, I have done a handful of stunts but only mastered a few. I need to practice more and I need to be more flexible and stronger too.

I never thought I’d be the food conscious type but now I have more reasons to lose the extra lbs and be fit, I have the motivation to do extra exercise so I can be stronger so I can be lighter and do more stunts!

Scissors 😀



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