Extreme changes

Over the last 6 months a lot has changed. In myself, my life style and how I do things. I cut my hair really short, I gained a lot of weight, I quit my job to study the earth and I am taking pole dancing classes.

2013 sure is proving to be very eventful.

1. I quit work

Being independent as I am, leaving my job was one of the hardest decisions I had to make, sure I hate my job, but it pays really well to support my needs. It pays for school, the food on the table, the roof over my head. But priorities come into play, and work is not my priority.

2. The 20 lbs that never seems to com e off

Well I don’t try hard enough and I still eat a lot and use depression as a sorry excuse, and now after eating I hate myself. But I still eat because I need to.

3. Full time student of science

Yes, I realized that I love science. I just hope it loves me back. Geology is so broad that I even have to study chemistry, I just have this bad feeling that chemistry does not like me very much.

4. Scientific Writing.

Writing scientific journals is a whole new ball park for me, there is no room for creativity, there is only direct, concise and formal writing. I confess I am having a bit of difficulty but the results of my advisers critique on my revisions show that I am getting better at it.

6. Pole fitness

I don’t know how to dance, as in dance-dance, and I hate sports where you have to run and pass a ball. I like wall climbing or yoga better, so anywho I toke pole dancing classes because, I don’t have to run, its in a confined space, it will teach me discipline (i hope), and its so me! I’m having a hard time pulling myself up thanks to the extra weight, but at least I am extremely motivated to lose it.

7. No travels

well except for school trips, I don’t go on leisurely travels any longer. The last trip I took, was going home to my mom’s place that she paid for. No work = No travel.

8. Short

I cut my hair short.

9. New found relationship with my mom

Growing without her was a big factor of me not being close to her, but something happened I’m just not sure what, my mom and I are closer than we were before.

10. Dormitory

I’ve been living alone for the past few years and yes it was difficult and lonely. I have gotten used to it and I did not see myself sharing my apartment with anyone, but since my life has changed, I also need to change. I am now living in a dorm (at least half of the week). I still can’t let go of my apartment because I have too much stuff, and I am worried for the holidays, since I have no real home, I will be homeless come October and December. I am still thinking of the best course of action but for now, I am happy I overcame my fear of living with someone else.




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