Fitting my life in boxes

With the new school year coming up, the good news is I got accepted in one of the in-campus dormitories in the University of the Philippines. But I am left with a very big dilemma as to what I am going to do with my things.

I have been living away from my family for about 7 years now. the first few years were spent with my brother and for that past 5 I have been living alone.

I live in a small studio-type apartment, complete with a queen size bed to a gas stove, I have an oven microwave oven, a refrigerator, television. washing machine, a study table, a big ass book shelf and a lot of things that I have accumulated in my years of living by myself.

Quitting work and being a full-time student is really really hard. My disposable income has been reduced to more than half, my allowance is around 35% of what I would normally earn if I were still with my previous company.

But I had to let that all go because I would rather go back to school and be a nerd than be a slave to money and work for other people (plus even if my salary was in the 6 digit range I was not happy. In fact I was very very miserable)

To save money, I am thinking of moving into the dormitory in school, if I would do this my fixed cost will be decreased by 90% for the whole school year.

But there are a lot of factors that I am considering before I decide to let go of my studio for good.

1. What to do with all the stuff?

I can sell most of my stuff, donate clothes and books and what nots. As for clothes and the little things I can put them all in plastic container boxes, but where do I store them? My bags alone will fill 2 plastic container boxes, and the books maybe around 3, clothes and shoes around 4 or 5, school supplies, kitchen thingamajigs and my cows, boxes boxes BOXES! My roommate will think I’m crazy to bring all this stuff to our dorm room, if I do take it with me.

2. Where will I live on school breaks?

I have never been part of a normal family, a household that you can go visit in the weekends, go home to on holidays, I have no other place to celebrate Christmas than the comforts of my own apartment, even if I was all by myself, I always have had a home that I can call my own. And if I let my studio go, what else have I got?

3. Comfort room?

Not so comfortable in sharing the john with someone else. My tummy will be angry with me for the whole time that I’ll be there.

4. Other people

Because I have lived by myself for a very long time, I am not used to other people. I am used to a quiet time alone in bed, wearing (or not wearing) anything I would like to, eat whatever, watch whatever, listen to whatever, without having to conform with anyone. I am not sure if I can let go of I’m-a-nerd-and-a-loser-so-leave-me-alone-becaue-I-want-to-be-lonely mode.

5. After the term what do I do?

If I would not be able to renew my dorm, then where do I live? I have nowhere else to go.

Life choices are so hard, and between this living situation and saving money and no job just school thing, I am really having a hard time.

I thought resigning was the hardest part, as it turns out, that was the easiest decision I have ever made this year.






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