In birding a spark bird means the bird that got you into the birding hobby

January 2008, my spark (bird) was Cebu, for the first time in my life I traveled alone, I was able to attend a festival. It was Sinulog 2008. then I promised that I will go there every year, except this year. That trip gave me the travel bug.

My life has gone full circle in the last 5 years.

Back then I was asked, what would you be doing in 5 years and I answered; I will be in graduate school, and so I am.

Travel has been an integral part of my life though since I got sick, a year and some months ago I was not able to travel that much.

2012 was really a bad year for me, but this is 2013, I am well, I am in between jobs (so more time for me hopefully) and it is time for more traveling!

Chubby me 5 years ago


Sinulog Dancer





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