MS Geology :D

A year has passed since school began, I am currently on my first summer as an MS Geology student, and up to now I am still on probation, but I am working really hard so that I become accepted to the program.

Applying for the MS Geology program in the University of the Philippines without an BS Geology degree is possible.

All you need to do is go to the College of Science Office in the Math Building Annex to get your form and instructions, pay the application fee at the Virata Hall (ISSI), once you have all your requirements submit your application form at the CS office. Wait for the interview.

A panel interview will be scheduled, and conducted at the UP NIGS, a week after the interview they will let you know if you passed or not.

The UP NIGS also accepts applications for the 2nd sem, which I highly suggest be done if you are really interested in the program.

4 BS Geology subjects will be required before being accepted to the MS program.

I have finished 3 of 4, and it was not an easy thing to do. This summer, I have one last subject to finish. A 3 week field-work and some paper writing. It’s a 6 unit course but we were not asked to enroll for it any longer, we just have to pass the subject as sit-in students.

The end of my probation program is near. I am very excited, so I can just focus on finishing my MS, and maybe if lucky, get a Ph.D.

Love, Yann


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