The last 5 years

Looking back at the last 5 years is a bit difficult. Not because I don’t remember, its just that a lot has happened since then. I have been to numerous places, have had a ton of experiences, made mistakes, and still wanting to experience more. After graduation in 2007 I started working as an English … More The last 5 years


In birding a spark bird means the bird that got you into the birding hobby January 2008, my spark (bird) was Cebu, for the first time in my life I traveled alone, I was able to attend a festival. It was Sinulog 2008. then I promised that I will go there every year, except this … More Spark

MS Geology :D

A year has passed since school began, I am currently on my first summer as an MS Geology student, and up to now I am still on probation, but I am working really hard so that I become accepted to the program. Applying for the MS Geology program in the University of the Philippines without … More MS Geology 😀