Week 10


March 4

On our last trip to Bolinao I was able to get a sample that was filled with hundreds maybe even thousand of fossils, a common misconception of people are that fossils are hard to find, on the contrary they are easy to find. Nannoworks Lab – Bolinao sample


March 5

It’s class time, we wait for our turn to view the coccolith under the research microscope 😀 SEM Lab – 297 class



March 6

Spending late nights at school, it’s abi’s turn to use the lab for her paper. SEM Lab – After school


March 7

A world away from school, working an engagement shoot in Marikina, at the Pan de Manila’s giant chess piece. I miss photographing things and doing just that. Pan de Manila – Snap!Shots engagement shoot


March 8

Back to NIGS. A fun cook out night, we barbequed and had a jolly good time, I love my lab mates! NIGS – Friday Paihaw


March 9

We went to Chili’s in Tomas Morato, and i’ve been eyeing this chicken quesadilla on their menu for sometime now! Goodness it was worrth every penny I tell you!! Chili’s – Babedate


March 10

Weddings make my senses come alive. I have never been this focused on anything. I love seeing my bride walk down the aisle, say I do and have a wonderful time after the ceremony. I love this job! Weddings – Merry Me!




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