Week 9

February 25- Campus


I feel good when I see the trees at campus. UP – University Ave

February 26


When Holy Week is approaching Jollibee relaunches the tuna pie product which is something that I am obsessed with just lie the twister fries 😀 Katipunan – Jollibee

February 27


I wish I had as much books at home as these 😀 Eastwood – Books

February 28


Its study time. Exams are drills, but I’m sad I don’t get to study till that same day. RA Room – Feet Up

March 1


After class I went to a business meeting. Another wedding on the way. Trinoma – Tea time

March 2


Today is a wedding day, had myself and the team all made up because this is a big one! Theresa’s loft – View

March 3


It’s my birthday (the first one of my second life) so I am celebrating with Dward, Shai and Greg. Eastwood – Marie Grace



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