A Wedding and Metamorphic Rocks

Those are the only two things I should be thinking of. Running a business is challenging. Having a full time job, running a business and going to graduate school is suicide.

But yet that is what I do, day in and day out. I have not been that focused on the business but I want to be more hands on, because it has a great potential!

This weekend I have an exam on metamorphic rocks, which of course I need to pass (with flying colors more preferably) and a wedding.

I have not studied for the test yet, but I am going to after this post, and as for the wedding, we were only given one week to finish everything.

So tomorrow we must be able to: finish the photoshoot for the AVP, choose a song, post process, produce the photos with the music, seating arrangement, RSVP, deposit money for the payments for the suppliers, draft the IT for the wedding day and as much as possible do the final details.

Then that would be the only time that I can go back to studying.

I’m crazy aren’t I?

Because as much as I know how stressful it would be but I AM SO EXCITED! 😀

Workaholic much?




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