The fear of not knowing

In every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. To some, it just doesn’t come easy. I can’t say that anybody’s life is perfect, I know that a lot of people has more problems than I do, but that is just the thing, it is my problem.

Looking at a bigger picture is not always the trait that everyone has, patience is a virtue to some.

I have kept things to myself for long and sometimes it just wells up till I am not able to take it anymore, have I considered ending my life? YES. Have I considered quitting? A lot of times. Have I thought about what I am going to do or be 5 or 10 years from now? Absolutely! Didn’t you?

Nobody knows what it is going to be like tomorrow, nobody can be certain if they would be alive when they wake. We take a chance every time that we draw breath, we risk our lives every time that we sleep.

The fear of not knowing is something that we need to let go, because every second is unknown, every minute different, every hour a new adventure. So I have to let my fears aside, be strong and take my chances.


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