February was not good to me. How about you March?

The highlights of February:

I gained another 7 lbs. Everybody is saying that I’m fat.
My feet and legs cramp all the time. I’m scared to sleep because I don’t want to wake up screaming because I can’t move my legs/feet.
A grandmother of mine died. I remember sleeping in bed with her beside me, she always kidded me that even in my sleep I sing.
Bitches all around. I don’t get angry easily, but since I get less sleep, I can’t help but snap at the smallest issues.
I got robbed today, what a way to end the month right. Sad thing I just withdrew money to pay my rent. Why me?!
I feel sorry for myself. I have never felt this down in the months that I have been going to work and school. I have lived on less, I should have built a lot of confidence in myself that I can get through whatever challenges but, I guess I’m still the same weak girl.

It is the lowest time of my life. Will March be the same?


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