Who I want to be

A repost from my blog a couple of years ago.

I am making progress with my life and I hope it continues to climb. 😀


I used to day dream a lot. About things that I want to do, the places I want to go, the person that I want to be with, and the things I want to become.

Things really do get more complicated as we grow up. And myself, admitting that I am definitely going through a quarter life crisis, am looking back on the things that I dreamed of doing when I grow up.

1. I wanted to be a flight stewardess. I loved the concept of being in the air an being able to travel to a million places all the time.

2. I wanted to be an engineer. Just like my dad. Because I was always in awe on how good he was with math.

3. I want to become an accountant, then a corporate lawyer. Because I love accounting. I am good at it. 🙂

4. I want to be a paloeontologist. I wanted to study rocks and fossils and dig the earth and discover its precious treasures from long ago.

5. I want to be a singer. Be part of a chorale, a band or even just on my own.

6. I want to own my business. Because I have been working for someone else in a long time. Bummer. So I’ll just work for me.

7. I want to work for Nestle. I just wanted to. 🙂

8. I want to become a teacher. There is joy and fulfillment in teaching. And I loved the times when I was teaching years ago.

9. I want to be a banker. So I can put my Business Economics degree to some use.

10. I want to be a doctor of economics. I wanted to have my name published with my own theory and be studied by future economists.

11. I want to be a writer of a travel magazine. Because I want to see the world, write about what I experience and get paid for it.

12. I want to be an event planner. Because I have always been good at planning delegating and thinking of a creative approach to something.

13. I want to be a professional photographer. It’s the only creative output that I can pull from my soul.

But I’m not all these things. Maybe I used to, I might be one of these tomorrow. But right now, I’m just here.

Most of the times I feel that life sucks and things are so unfair, because I know I can be a lot more things, though I’m not able to pull myself out of the quicksand that I built my foundation on.

I hope some one would toss me a rope to grab on so I can pull myself up. But for now I would just have to make sure that I keep breathing and not be totally consumed by the routine, the constant static.  because one day soon, I know I will get out, and I will be someone, i will be somebody! I would be who i want to be, if not something more. 😀


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