I am so bummed that I have not been to work and to school for 2 days, I hate this leg cramps. The doctor said that it could be because my potassium levels are low or something. So I had an electrolyte test, I got it this morning, and it was actually good! my K, Na and Ca levels were great!

So then she said (the doctor) that it could be because of my physical activities. What physical activities?

Did she mean my going to work at two in the morning then going straight to school without getting any rest?

Or the continuous walking we had to do when we go to a fieldwork?

Or the commuting from work – home – school – home – work with a big backpack?

I really have to get a 2nd opinion. And this time I have to consult a specialist.


6 thoughts on “Bummer!

      1. HAHA! kakainis nga e normal naman daw K levels ko.. feeling ko its my weight.. Ang laki na ng nilaki ko! 😦

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