Week 6

February 4 – My favorite of the bunch

A cast of a fossil that we found in Matabungcay Batangas. I loved cleaning this one 😀


February 5 – Sweet for my Sweets

My friends have been working hard on our project, I am not able to be there all the time, but I contribute the best I can.


February 6 – Ribboned

We won! all our efforts paid off, and who would have thought that the underdogs will get a ribbon for best poster?


February 7 – LQ

I witnessed a couple having a fight in front of a lot of commuters near the Faculty center. I hope they resolve things.


February 8 – Jaan

One of my muses, He loves having his photo taken and it’s a good match because I love taking photos. 😀 The first friend I am featuring in my 365!


February 9 – Puppy dog eyes

A sad little dog. He feels the same way as Doyce felt today.


February 10 – Pen

A pen is mightier than a sword. It really is but I don’t know how to wield it to my well being yet.





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