Week 4

January 20 – tollgate

Leaving the north and going back home, I love traveling whether it be by car or by plane. Goodbye North Luzon see you next week! North Luzon Express Way – toll gate

January 21 – stuff on bed

Being busy has it downfalls, I unpack and pack again but for the meantime my bed is this way. Homer – my things

January 22 – Coccoliths

Studying nannoplanktons 😀 National Institute of Geological Sciences – SEM Laboratory

January 23 –  backpack

I am becoming more and more a backpacker. I love my new buy. Homer – Columbia 35l Backpack

January 24 – hit the wall

On the way to school, Moe was hit. Just a small scratch at the rear of the SUV. But everything was fine, no one was hurt. Eastwood City – Wall


January 25 – crashing waves

I love the beach, whether it be pebbly, rocky, or sandy. And with sedimentology and stratigraphy I am appreciating it more. La Luna Beach La Union – My feet

January 26 – outdoors

I am not a river girl. I hate how slippery the rocks are and how I almost fell in. Cervantes Ilocos – by the river


January 27 – Kapurpurawan

A geologic site in the Philippines, too bad we were not able to get close it. People had been banned to go near the structure, It is somehow a good thing because the preservation of the structure will be kept in tact. Kapurpurawan Ilocos – Geologic SiteDSC_1417


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