In Conclusion

Going to a fieldwork was a joy, but unfortunately I had another revelation.. I was not ready.

One must not only be ready for the things that should be brought, like a sample pick, a hard hat, toiletries and a change of clothes, but a person about to go out on the field should be prepared; financially, mentally and physically.


Buying food, paying for extra stuff and what not is a very big factor, you are not able to to go out to an outcrop and look for an ATM in case that you run out of cash, you must spend your money wisely, bring an appropriate amount, and a little more for incidentals, you will never know if you would be suddenly in need of a cold bottle of water or soda.


You can’t open a book once you are out there, sure you can bring your study materials like the history of the geology of the area, your textbook even, but you won’t be able to use them, because you will be busy doing other things. It is not necessary to know everything by heart, but it is necessary that you know something.


Doing what you can to be fit before a fieldwork is a real bonus, you can’t expect yourself to keep up with youngings if you are not fit, walking miles under the heat of the sun or the pouring rain is not unusual.

I was financially prepared so I was okay in that division, but mentally and physically. I knew for a fact that I was not.

I am struggling to cope with school work while I’m at work, and I hardly have time for myself. I have to get around this somehow, we will be having a 21 day fieldwork in the summer and I have to be prepared in all aspects.




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