Is it Saturday really?

This has been the most tiring weekend ever. It is only Saturday the 4th Saturday of the year and it feels like the middle of the year.

I have been to two fieldworks and I know that the work is not over even if we are no longer in the field.

We have collected a ton of samples to be analyzed and the real work is just about to begin.

I have 4 subjects this semester, Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, Calcareous Nannnoplanktons and Petrology. It has been a whirlwind, half the semester is almost over but I honestly feel that I do not know half of the things I should know.

My confidence in myself is waning and I know that this is a bad omen. I must work hard because a lot is in store for me this year. But I really need some R&R even just for one weekend. I need to go out and lay in the shore of my favorite beach (guess what it is! 😀 ).

We have to go sleep now since we have an early start tomorrow. We are visiting a Unesco World Heritage Site. 😀

I love traveling but going on a fieldwork is definitely a difficult thing. I hope I get the hang of it.


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