Week 3

January 12 – One of my Favorites

One of the food that I love to eat. I love going out with my babe, though I hate the additional weight I get. Mr. Kurosawa – Ronin Fry


January 13 – Assuming

One of the things economists do. To assume. Homer – Coccolithophores Book


January 14 – Party Party

Cupcakes for the MS batch late Christmas Party. UP National Institute of Geological Science – RA Room


January 15 – Crossing Road

Walking to school is one of the things I love to do. Katipunan – C.P. Garcia


January 16 – Sky

After class, on my way home, such a beautiful sight. This is my favorite time of the day. University of the Philippines – Sunset


January 17 – Tik Tik

Cleaning fossils is something that I have been doing with my friends for the past couple of days. UP National Institute of Geological Science – Mircopaleontology Laboratory


January 18 – Field
I love traveling because I love seeing spectacular views. Somewhere of the way to Bolinao – Farm Field Sunset

January 19 – Cowie

Traveling is not complete without cowie. Bolinao Falls – Cowie


Till next week 😀


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