Week 2


January 6 – Flavor

Out and about with my love, we tried a new restaurant in Robinson’s Magnolia, it was a neat Japanese restaurant. Yabu – Condiments


January 7 – What are you looking at?

First day of class for this year. I usually walk to my building and while I was on my way I found this little goat by the road. UP Diliman – Goat


January 8 – Dig in!

Nannoworks Laboratory late Christmas party! 😀 Fun fun fun 😀 UP Diliman – National Institute of Geological Sciences


January 9 – You are not alone

I have always thought that jogging can be quite lonely. But actually it is relaxing and you would never feel alone with all the other people doing the same thing. UP Diliman – Academic Oval


January 10 – When will it end?

I wonder when my braces will be taken off, i gained more weight with braces on than without, quite ironic right? DelosSantos Clinic – Braces


January 11 – Petri Dish

I am not so much of the Science person while growing up. But I am going to grow old with it for sure. I am loving what I do and I would not know what it would be like not knowing Science. Spoken like a true geek! NIGS – Micropaleontology Laboratory



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