Week One – Photos 1-5

One of the mistakes I have made in my previous 365 projects is that I was to shy to show the  photos I took, I kept most to myself and wasted a lot of great photos. Well it is not really a waste because I know I will be able to show them to you. But as I begin my 365 journey again, I vow that this year will be the year that I will live my life with no boundaries. I will not be afraid, I will just do!

I will update my photos here in my blog for all to see. 😀 Special thanks to my friend Greg for making my watermark 😀

January 1 – A gift

Everyday is a gift. This was a calendar/photo album given to me by one of my bestfriends Kat. 😀 She is really one of the best people in the world! It greatly inspired me to start again what best way to start a photo project than a Photo Calendar. Homer – PhotoCalendar


January 2 – Sustenance

What is life with out food. Yes you may think that I spend a lot on good food, but growing up deprived of sumptuous food, this has been one of the things that I have a fixation with. Cyma Greek Taverna – Saganaki


January 3 – Nerd

Yes! I have nothing better to do than to dive in my Petrology book. Homer – Studying Materials


January 4 – Time

I love this watch! It is a couple watch, one is Edward’s. I always have to have a watch strapped in my wrist otherwise I feel really lost. Homer – Lego Watch


January 5 – Apple

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. I am a gadget girl! I love my apple iPhone4s and iPad too. They help me with my work, my business and my school. Yes sure I can live without them but I will not choose to do so. Homer – Apple Products



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