How was your day?

I wake up at one in the morning and then go to work. Zombie-like I had go down to the first floor walk one block, take a jeep and walk through the office corridors, shove my humongous backpack to my tiny locker then I start counting  down.

Nine hours of daily Torture. I count down to make things bearable and perhaps even a bit enjoyable.I set up my work computer, set the countdown timer, and every minute less is a joy to me.

After this nine hours most would go home,  or hang out with their friends, cook, eat or shop even, these were the leisurely things I used to enjoy after 9 hours at the office. But that is no longer the case.

After counting down nine hours, I take a short cab ride to the main road, visit the church for a couple of minutes, cross the street and then I take a short jeep ride. I get off at that gas station with restaurants and a coffee shop,  then I walk for about 10 minutes to get to my building. I enjoy the peace and quiet, of the rustling of the leaves signaling that I am entering a whole new world, then I think to myself. “Get ready Yann, your day is just about to start.

I would then be at school usually I at least have an hour before class starts and at this time I either have lunch if I feel like it.

Classes mostly lasts till 5 but at times it go as longs as 8pm, by this time I would have been up 18 hours.

Then comes the part I hate the most, going back to my house. I should love it really but because it is the most hellish hour in my day, I have to fight a lot of people just to go home.

I walk three blocks to the stop, wait 30 minutes to get on a jeep, cross a bridge, take one more jeep (but to get on one must push and shove 50 other people who wants to take your place.) Fight people just to get off on my stop, take one more ride then I am almost home. I walk again for a few minutes, climb the third floor and there I am, home sweet (noisy-neighbor-I-can’t-get-some-sleep) home.

I try to sleep because the cycle starts again at 1 AM, now in between these hours of my day I do my best to keep up with my business, my family, friends and my boyfriend too.

I do not even have personal time to pamper myself or at least take care of myself which is quite sad, I a m now growing fatter and more unorganized.  So that is my whole day, technically three lives in 24 hours.

So if I give you my time of day, I think by reading this you would know who you are to me.

So how about you? How was your day?


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