The Cebu Promise 2013

A simple wish for today. I wish that I am able to go lo Cebu so I can attend my 6th Sinulog this 2013, and I wish my brother could go too.

My sacrifices will be no match for the dancer’s sacrifice, they practice all day and dance all day for the Senor Sto. Nino . Jan 2012

Though Cebu will not be the start of my travel itinerary for this year, it should be and will be part of it.

It will be a hard one for me this year because of my work and school schedule.

On the 18th of January, I will be leaving for a fieldwork for Bolinao, and will be returning on the 20th, but since the Sinulog Festival falls under the 3rd week of January, Coincidentally that is the day that I come back from my fieldwork. Bummer ain’t it.

Since it is my “panata” or pledge to be there every year and keep on being there till my 9th year. It is very difficult for me to break my promise.

So with a great sacrifice which is what is necessary to keep a promise, so what I plan to do is leave Bolinao early, head to the airport, go to Cebu and come back to Manila just in time for my shift.

It will be a tiring weekend but it is a sacrifice that I am willing to make. 😀

I just pray that I make it through this weekend.


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