Presto Cream, Peanut Butter Sandwich

Every year Pantone Inc. chooses the color of the year, since 2010 I started following what they were since I thought it would be fun. This year though I am not loving the color so much but I hope that I will get used to it. 3 years ago the color was turquoise and I loved it then in 2011 it was Mimosa or some hue of pink which I warmed up to. See I hate pink but not as much as I hate this years color, I thought pink was so girly (which I was not) and very cutesy. After 2011, I have learned to embrace the color Pink like the opening number to Funny Face.

2012 was a great color too, tangerine tango. It was my best-friends favorite color. This tinge of orange was very much welcome in my color palette.

This year, 2013 Pantone’s chosen color is Emerald, it is yes the color of the mineral, and I hate the fact that it is green. The only thing I like when it comes to this color, is that it reminds me of the Half Blood Prince and Presto Peanut Butter cookies which I both love. But other than these 2, I really do not like the color green.



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