A Sudden Interest

Why is it that if people are interested in something, another person will suddenly grow an interest on that something too?

I’m not sure if you know what I’m trying to say, but if you do, then our thinking is at the same wavelength.

I may be a bit selfish though because there are things that I know other people like, but I hate to share, I like to think that I loved it/them first, I tend to be possessive and yeah I sometimes get happy when I meet another person who has the same interest but in most cases I get annoyed. This is something about me that I want to change.

So speaking of changes since today is the first of the year what better day to declare to the world the things you want to change in you. You know what I’m talking about. Resolutions.

Resolution # 1 Always pick up the pieces.

This may mean a lot of things but for me it means that I should always (or at least try) to hold things together. I could be seen as a strong person, but deep inside I crumble as easily as a Ritz biscuit in your hand. This resolution has a double meaning for me. Pick up the pieces of my life that are intangible and tangible. I must learn how to clean after myself. Being busy is not an excuse to set tidying for later, The more you actually put-off things for later, the more work you would need to do at a later time. I must learn how to pick up things as i go and not settle for procrastination.

Resolution # 2 Finish what i started

You know how sometimes you can get excited in starting a project. Generating plans, creating a check list of things to be done. This is actually one of things that I love to do. But sometimes if something goes wrong or a deadline is not met I lose my self confidence and my interest in the project, and in turn (yes) I put it off for later. Maybe it is the Gemini in me. Try reading about as and i hate to say that 7 out of the 10 descriptions are applicable to me. But I should stop thinking that I way. I must always have a positive outlook on things, learn how to manage the things on my plate and in the end finish what I had started. Blogging for example. Or my long forgotten 365 project. I must have discipline and writing about it might help me in one way or another.

Resolution # 3 Be in control

I must learn to control my life. Controlling meaning that I must be able to redirect the course of my life in the event that I feel that my choices are going the other way. Controlling meaning making the decisions in my life without basing it with another’s life. I am tired of waiting, things will not get done if I continue to depend on others. I must know how to delegate but I must first put my best foot forward and decide on things that I know will be best for me based on experience and my best ally, my instinct.

I guess these sounds simple enough but I am sure that I will still have a challenging time in conditioning myself. All the decisions that I make will in turn make me a better and successful person. I am not getting any younger, I will have my fill of fun, but I will also work hard into securing a good future for me and my future family if I ever have kids. 😀

Wow talk about seriousness on the first day of the year.



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