In Conclusion

Going to a fieldwork was a joy, but unfortunately I had another revelation.. I was not ready. One must not only be ready for the things that should be brought, like a sample pick, a hard hat, toiletries and a change of clothes, but a person about to go out on the field should be … More In Conclusion

the 37th

Ed and I had been together for 37 months. Though we have known each other longer than that, sometimes I still think how it could have been possible. How we became an item and how, but all I know is that I am thankful to be with him, he makes me feel like a special … More the 37th

Another Field day

On our way to another fieldwork north of Luzon. We will be traveling through La Union and we will be making our way up to the Bangui windmills. I am quite excited since I have not been to this part of the Philippines yet. We will be visiting; Luna Beach, Tagudin-Cervantes Roadm Amburayan River, Vigan, … More Another Field day

A Simple Reminder

Usually my BDJ is always right, and most of the times the weekly quote really fits my weeks status. True enough, it is only the 4th week of the year but I am so exhausted already. There have been a lot of things going on, Fieldworks, Exams, Classes and Work. January will soon be over … More A Simple Reminder