Pre-Christmas Jitters

There are a lot of words in my head that I hate to say out loud, maybe its because I stutter, especially when I am nervous.

My day was pretty awful, I came down with an allergy attack prohibiting me to talk since I run out of breath, though I was able to bear travelling to Makati, see a client for the love of the job, and managed to get home in one piece.

Tomorrow is the 25th, and we all know what that means, yes Christmas. But I really don’t feel like it, maybe as you grow older, Christmas just becomes another day.

I am really in the pits and here (my current position/situation) is somewhere I don’t want to be.

Yes there are always good things that I should be happy about, but there is a big hindrance to my happiness. Well isn’t there always something for someone. I want to be really happy. I want to be able to say out loud that I am.


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