Surving life of school and work

The past five months has been full of ups and downs. And this is one of those days that I am truly happy. I don’t like writing when I am upset since there is really nothing good about ranting and all that negativity. Maybe that is one of the reasons why I decided not to blog.

It took me a long time to adjust to school life, though I really wanted to go back to school and all, being a full-time student and a full-time employee really does not fit in one basket. I have been living a double life and still am, some people kid me that I am “wonderwoman” but really, I am just Yann, I work hard to get what I want and I’ll share some of the things I have learned with you. Now I have a good game plan for scheduling my activities for the second semester.

There are a few important things that you would need to know if you want to survive studying and working at the same time.

1. Know your priorities.

Of course it is good to enrich your life by studying but weigh your obligations and your wants. It is good to have a pro and con list to know which one is more important to you.

2. Savings.

These days we cannot disagree that money is everything. If you choose school first, you might have to think again.

No work = no money

no money = no school

So it would always be best that you have a safety net before you start studying again. Even if you consider getting a scholarship, you still need to have money of your own.

3. A good calendar never hurts.

Keep an accurate tab of what you do, it may be tedious and it may seem like a waste of time, but you’ll thank yourself if you keep a good calendar system. You don’t want to forget you best friends birthday or when to pick up you laundry right? Even the things you need to download or series that you can squeeze in your free time.  A simple and small one that is easy to bring around will be a great partner.

4. Eat healthy.

It is always important to eat on time, drink less energy drinks and sodas and also do not to eat much at a given period. Because I did not follow these rules, I gained weight and it is very hard to lose them. Thinking that you are always tired and awake does not give you license to eat, you may lose weight at first while your body has not adapted yet, but eventually you will gain what you lost. Since metabolism slows down if you don’t eat on time and when you do not sleep right, the results of an unhealthy diet is disastrous! I definitely know better now.

5. Pack light

Reserve your energy to mind exercise than by carrying a heavy bag. Invest in a good handheld device where you can write notes, store your books in pdf format and where you can do your paper all at the same time. I invested on iPad too late in the semester but it still helped me a lot. Though as for paper writing since I really love Microsoft word, i have not purchased any app to write or compose my papers on, though what i do is write it on the notepad, email it to myself, then edit it on the computer when i have time.

6. Do it now!

Do not procrastinate. Knowing that you have limited time to do things, do what you can do right away, do not wait till the due date to cram things, it helps you as well retain the information since the earlier you do your homework, the better the retention on your brain. Chores are the same thing too, don’t say that you are too tired to clean up, otherwise you’ll wake up one day and think that you are living on a dumpster.

These are just a few things I can share for now. You can email me if you have any specific question or if you need advice or just some one to talk to.




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