Waking Up After September

The past four months has been full of ups and downs. But today is one of those days that I am truly happy. I have just finished one of the longest exams ever! Attended mass with my friends and had dinner after.

I make it a habit not to write when I am upset, since there is really nothing good about ranting and all that negativity, so perhaps that is why I have not updated my blog since I started school. It has been a long 4 months, but the hiatus is over! I am trying my best to get myself back on track. I have learned not to doubt myself (though there may still be instances that I would) and I feel that I have a better grip on things.

An excited student, I am!

It took me a long time to adjust to school life, though I really wanted to go back to school and all, being a full time student and a full time employee really does not fit the basket. It took a lot of hard work, and I convinced myself over and over that I can do it (and sometimes I tell myself I cannot). I can say that I have developed a devil-may-care-attitude since there a lot of people around me who trusts I can finish what I started, and that I am capable enough to work full time and study full time, so why don’t I just think positively and live with it.

After a semester I have finally adjusted and now I have a good game plan for scheduling next semester. I have already plotted my calendar, though I know for sure it looks better in paper. There will still be rough times, that are one thing I am sure of, but I have learned from my mistakes and I know now what I should do.

So what’s the plan you say? There are a few important things that you would need to know (and wished I did) if you want to survive studying and working at the same time.

1. Know your priorities.

Of course it is good to enrich your life by studying but weigh your obligations and your wants. It is good to have a pros and cons list to know which one is more important to you. Are you studying because you want to?

2. Savings.

These days we cannot disagree that money makes the world go round. If you choose school first, you might have to think again. No work = no money, no money = no school. So it would always be best that you have a safety net before you start studying again. Project your expenses for at least 6 months to a year, save up and then embark on your great adventure. Plan what you would do for money in case that you run out. Always have a contingency plan.

3. A good calendar never hurts.

It may take a big case of OC-DC to perfect the craft of managing a calendar well. But plotting you activities (at least the most important one’s) to your calendar like your work schedule and your school schedule helps. It gives you a quantifier, and a sense that things will be over before you know it. This also helps in the line of extracurricular activities, because you can never tell when that next beach trip with the friends would be.

4. Eat healthy.

One of my biggest downfalls, I tend to binge when I am sad, so, yes, I did gain a few extra pounds (which I will! Mark it! I will lose before December). I guess I needed the extra food intake, but I wish I ate more consciously. Eat health to stay healthy, and so you won’t regret the weight you’re going to gain. Stop drinking that extra can of soda “for sugar”!

5. Do it now!

Procrastination is another thing that you must combat if you want things to go well. There are those days that you tired so it is okay to rest. But there are also those days that you just think you’re tired which is a very different thing. Stop watching shows or movies when you are resting, because before you know it, your study time has run out. Instead, schedule your leisure time in (yes you thought right) your calendar. True we must seize the moment and live today as if it were your last. But with your grades on the line, a little self awareness can never hurt.

6. Find Inspiration, Motivate yourself

You are the only one who can determine what inspires you. For me they are the kind words of encouragement from my friends and family. And also I am very determined in my goal in finishing my course work before I turn 30 and hopefully get my PHD as well.

Yes I want to be a doctor! And that is that. 😀 So find a good inspiration and motivate yourself. You can never go wrong when you feel like you are the king/queen of your world!

As for me, I will continue to do these things and still try to come-up with new ideas on how to make my work-school life easy. 😀

I’ll keep you posted.


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